Bigger Business Profit

Anyone can setup an advertising account on FB or Google, write the ad and launch the campaign, that's the easy part!  But the reality is that if it was really that easy then everyone would be doing it with outstanding success – but this doesn’t happen.

Perhaps you have tried marketing on FB or Google and it worked for a while, broke even or didn't work at all?  Even worse, perhaps you have received a phone call or e-mail from an "SEO Expert" promising you Position #1 results on Google, only to be disappointed again and down another $2,000?

If you operate a mortgage broking business that has an inconsistent flow of new leads, or has a lumpy flow of new customers throughout the year or you rely on referral sources like real estate agents and past customers then it can be discouraging to know deep down that you should be busier and writing more loans, but you just can't seem to get the phone to ring enough!

Here’s a question for you – Would you prefer 100 leads that expressed interest in your mortgage broking service but you need to sift through the whole lot to find the qualified leads and pay only $5 each OR would you prefer to receive 20 highly qualified leads that are keen to discuss your service and are ready to do business right now and pay $50 per lead?

That's the difference between a flawed advertising campaign ‘shooting in the dark’ versus paying a little extra for a highly skilled lead generation expert who can flood your business with new leads EVERY DAY.

Think about this - if you could receive every new lead with the exact information you needed to know about their assets, liabilities, new loan requirements, age and employment status what would that be worth to you?  Now you have a specific audience you can solve a specific problem for every single time, instead of a random name, phone number and e-mail address generated from a generic advertisement or even worse, a click bait ad!

Don't get me wrong, organic traffic and SEO definitely has it's place in the world of internet marketing, but paid traffic should ALWAYS be your number one GO TO source for QUALITY NEW business.  The table below compares the difference between PAID traffic and Organic SEO:




  Laser Targeted Leads

  Anyone can apply

  Ability to scale up

  Position #1 results are never guaranteed

  Competition can be high

  EVERYONE is fighting for Position #1

  Test & Measure with immediate results

  Takes months to see results

  All Traffic must be paid in advance

  All Traffic is Free

  Always front & Centre

   Position #1 until competitor beats you

Audience can be re-targeted

  Audience cannot be re-targeted

  Always getting new leads

  Always nervous about losing position #1

  Test & Measure immediate results

  Can take months to see results

 Ability to quickly change offer or angle

  Cannot quickly change offer or angle

  Ability to move into different markets

  Cannot quickly move into different markets


You can see in the comparisons above that Paid Traffic is a far superior way to confidently grow your business with PREDICTABLE results because you can turn the tap on and get leads at any time or increase your lead volume whenever you want compared to praying that Google places your website at Position #1 for an eclipse period only to see it knocked off by your competitor or by Google’s ever changing search algorhythm.

 A good advertising budget should always be looked at as an Investment and not an Expense for your business - McDonalds & Coke are amongst the world’s most well known brands and they have been advertising for over 50 years so if a global company is still advertising and you're not then what's your excuse for not investing in your business?

 If you're ready to put the fear and procrastination behind you and flood your business with an abundance of highly qualified leads looking to use your mortgage broking services then Book A Call and speak to one of our business growth specialists.